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Who We Are

A powerful vision of “forever”

“Milele” is a Swahili word that translates to “forever.” Milele Energy is an independent power-generation company with a goal to make a difference by making an everlasting impact in sub-Saharan Africa. Providing reliable clean electricity to communities in sub-Saharan Africa delivers the energy to grow stronger. Today, and for generations to come.

We seek to develop, own and operate power-generation facilities from both renewable—solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric—and conventional fuel sources. We want to be a select partner for institutional investors who wish to capitalize on energy-producing opportunities in sub-Saharan Africa. Our collective investments will create a newfound power infrastructure that will positively empower the lives of individuals and the strength of communities.

We envision a future…

Of empowered communities energized by local businesses that run more effectively thanks to newfound power. Of streets with better lighting to improve safety. Of expanded electricity access that inspires a belief in transformation. Of leaders who share in hope of a brighter tomorrow.

Our Team

Milele Energy is led by a team with extensive experience in the development and management of conventional and renewable energy projects in Africa, the USA and Europe.

Milele Energy is sponsored by Everstrong Capital.

Leaders who see the power of tomorrow.

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