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Where there is energy, there is opportunity.

Milele Energy is an independent power-generation company investing in energy to strengthen communities in sub-Saharan Africa. Our vision will provide clean, cost-effective electricity through investments in new sources of reliable energy. Milele—meaning “forever” in Swahili—invests in developing, owning and operating solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric as well as conventional power-generation facilities required to create a reliable supply of electricity.

Leaders who see the power of tomorrow.

As an investment partner championing long-term, sustainable power projects, Milele envisions communities with empowered individuals starting new businesses, towns with stronger infrastructure as well as regions capitalizing on a more reliable power supply. Today and tomorrow, we’re giving Africa the power to grow stronger.

Reliable energy for a remarkable future.

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Milele combines resilient creativity with an experienced execution team committed to ESG principles.

Milele’s core team of execution-oriented development and finance experts has over 100 years of experience in closing deals in Africa, with a mindset of transparency, speed, social responsibility and low-cost funding.

Projects within 12 months of financial close
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Renewable Power

Our Environmental, Social and 
Governance Values

Committed to responsible investing

In Everything We Do, We are Guided by an Unwavering Commitment to Integrity and Ethical Conduct.

Milele Energy’s sustainability mission is to protect people and the environment, partner with communities and society to make a positive impact on the local residents, and promote economic development. Our objective is to achieve attractive financial returns for our funders and realizing opportunity and impact through responsible investing in essential energy-related infrastructure across Africa.

Creating Long-term Value

We are disciplined about our ESG guiding principles throughout the investment cycle to maximize impact for all stakeholders involved, mitigate execution/ exit risk, and to create long-term value for shareholders.

Relationships are Everything

Impact starts with a commitment to responsible investing. Milele adheres to the UNPRI Principles for Sustainable Investment through its relationship with Everstrong Capital. We will continuously reevaluate our ESG process to best align with the criteria of our investors.

Focused on ESG Impact

Our ESG mission is to protect people and the environment and to partner with communities to make a positive impact and promote economic development.

Commitment to Highest Ethical Standards

Milele is committed to adhering to the most rigorous standards articulated by the world’s leading development finance institutions:

Making an everlasting impact in Sub‑Saharan Africa.

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